PROKON License System User Guide

ASSIGNING LICENSE ACCESS The license assignment workflow begins with the Account Administrator. They will appoint a License Manager, who then assigns license set access to individual users. Whenever a new user is added, they will need to configure their account. This applies to all users irrespective of the roles assigned to them. Users can only be added in Lima, and assigned as follows: ROLE ASSIGNED BY Account Administrator Assigned by PROKON staff License Manager Assigned by Account Administrator License Set User Assigned by License Manager

The Add User interface is similar for all roles and users. Email addresses, PROKONID’s, or a combination of both can be entered.

These workflows are detailed in the following steps.

N EW U SER V ALIDATION 1. The user will receive a Welcome to PROKON email. This email contains the necessary steps for verifying the email address 2. Click on Login to begin the verification process


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