PROKON License System User Guide

L ICENSE M ANAGER The License Manager controls the license sets and the users that have access to the seats. Seats do not get consumed at this stage. Users can be assigned as License Manager across multiple licenses, accounts, and organizations. License Manager users can only be assigned by Account Administrators. L ICENSE S ET U SER The License Set user is the end user of the PROKON software. Set Users will be able to access all the sets that have been assigned to them by a license manager. These sets can be part of different organizations, accounts, and licenses. Set users can only be assigned software usage rights by a license manager. Licenses are not consumed when users are added to sets. Users need to create License sessions via License Manager to consume a license. U SE C ASES Individual User John Smith is a senior engineer at his firm. He has two junior engineers that report to him. All three users will need access to PROKON. John is assigned as the Account Administrator by PROKON. He assigns himself as License Manager and is now able to assign the license sets. All three users are added as set users. Contracted Consultant Susan Williams is an independent engineer, but she has been contracted to two companies for consultation. Both companies are PROKON customers and have PROKON Accounts. ABC Engineers focuses on concrete design and have a relevant subscription. XYZ Consulting focuses on steel detailing and have a relevant subscription. Susan is assigned a license set by the respective license managers. She will have the ability to choose which licenses she consumes when she launches her PROKON software. Both licenses can be used simultaneously, subject to them both being of usage type Commercial.


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