PROKON License System User Guide

INTRODUCTION This guide provides an overview of the PROKON License System. The license system is permissions based, and access is granted in a web interface before end users can consume seats on their computers. The license system comprises two parts, namely Lima, the licensing web portal and License Manager, a component of PROKON, where license sets are applied and activated for the end users. Offline sessions are created and managed by the users, ensuring access to PROKON in environments where an internet connection does not exist. T ERMINOLOGIES  PROKON Lima – A web-based platform where PROKON assets are managed. These assets include account administration, license management and set assignment, and software downloads  PROKON License Manager – A component of PROKON, where end users can select and apply license sets on their computers. USER ROLES The license system relies on users being assigned certain permissions. These permissions are not exclusive. If a user is assigned as Account Administrator, they can also be assigned as a License Set User.

The various roles are explained below:

A CCOUNT A DMINISTRATOR The Account Administrator assigns License Managers to all the licenses in a specific account. Users can be assigned as Account Administrators for multiple accounts, across multiple organizations. Account Administrators can only be added to accounts by PROKON staff.


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