PROKON License System User Guide

This guide covers the process of managing PROKON licenses. Both the web portal and PROKON Lima will be discussed.

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User Roles

Account Administrator

License Manager License Set User

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Use Cases


User Profile

Account Administrator

License Manager License Set User Multi-Role User

Assigning License Access New User Validation Account Administrator

License Manager License Set User

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How to Download Installation Media

License Sessions

Online License Session Viewing License Usage Offline License Session Email License Session Quick Reference Guide


INTRODUCTION This guide provides an overview of the PROKON License System. The license system is permissions based, and access is granted in a web interface before end users can consume seats on their computers. The license system comprises two parts, namely Lima, the licensing web portal and License Manager, a component of PROKON, where license sets are applied and activated for the end users. Offline sessions are created and managed by the users, ensuring access to PROKON in environments where an internet connection does not exist. T ERMINOLOGIES  PROKON Lima – A web-based platform where PROKON assets are managed. These assets include account administration, license management and set assignment, and software downloads  PROKON License Manager – A component of PROKON, where end users can select and apply license sets on their computers. USER ROLES The license system relies on users being assigned certain permissions. These permissions are not exclusive. If a user is assigned as Account Administrator, they can also be assigned as a License Set User.

The various roles are explained below:

A CCOUNT A DMINISTRATOR The Account Administrator assigns License Managers to all the licenses in a specific account. Users can be assigned as Account Administrators for multiple accounts, across multiple organizations. Account Administrators can only be added to accounts by PROKON staff.


L ICENSE M ANAGER The License Manager controls the license sets and the users that have access to the seats. Seats do not get consumed at this stage. Users can be assigned as License Manager across multiple licenses, accounts, and organizations. License Manager users can only be assigned by Account Administrators. L ICENSE S ET U SER The License Set user is the end user of the PROKON software. Set Users will be able to access all the sets that have been assigned to them by a license manager. These sets can be part of different organizations, accounts, and licenses. Set users can only be assigned software usage rights by a license manager. Licenses are not consumed when users are added to sets. Users need to create License sessions via License Manager to consume a license. U SE C ASES Individual User John Smith is a senior engineer at his firm. He has two junior engineers that report to him. All three users will need access to PROKON. John is assigned as the Account Administrator by PROKON. He assigns himself as License Manager and is now able to assign the license sets. All three users are added as set users. Contracted Consultant Susan Williams is an independent engineer, but she has been contracted to two companies for consultation. Both companies are PROKON customers and have PROKON Accounts. ABC Engineers focuses on concrete design and have a relevant subscription. XYZ Consulting focuses on steel detailing and have a relevant subscription. Susan is assigned a license set by the respective license managers. She will have the ability to choose which licenses she consumes when she launches her PROKON software. Both licenses can be used simultaneously, subject to them both being of usage type Commercial.


PROKON LIMA Lima contains a dashboard with an at-a-glance overview of a user’s status and role, and functions specific to the role they have been assigned. The user’s Profile, Details, Activity Log, and software installation media can also be viewed in Lima. Interfaces, and therefore dashboards, differ depending on the role that has been assigned to the user.

U SER P ROFILE The following components are available under the User Profile: Your Details Edit the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Country of primary access.

Your Roles View the roles associated with the user in question.

Password Change the user password if required.


Two Factor Authentication Enable two factor authentication for additional security on the user account.

Communication Preferences Manage the user’s communication preferences.

A CCOUNT A DMINISTRATOR An Account Administrator can view the number of accounts they administer, and how many licenses are currently in use within those accounts.


L ICENSE M ANAGER A License Manager can view the number of managed licenses, and how the sets are being utilized. This data only gets reported if users have active sessions.

L ICENSE S ET U SER A license set user can view the active sessions and number of sets assigned to them.

M ULTI -R OLE U SER A user that has multiple roles assigned will see the relevant areas on their dashboard. In the example, the user has both Admin and User rights.


ASSIGNING LICENSE ACCESS The license assignment workflow begins with the Account Administrator. They will appoint a License Manager, who then assigns license set access to individual users. Whenever a new user is added, they will need to configure their account. This applies to all users irrespective of the roles assigned to them. Users can only be added in Lima, and assigned as follows: ROLE ASSIGNED BY Account Administrator Assigned by PROKON staff License Manager Assigned by Account Administrator License Set User Assigned by License Manager

The Add User interface is similar for all roles and users. Email addresses, PROKONID’s, or a combination of both can be entered.

These workflows are detailed in the following steps.

N EW U SER V ALIDATION 1. The user will receive a Welcome to PROKON email. This email contains the necessary steps for verifying the email address 2. Click on Login to begin the verification process


3. Provide the email address to be verified and click on Submit

NOTE: This email address must match the address being verified. 4. An Email Confirmation mail will be sent to the user’s email address 5. When the below prompt is received, the browser window can be closed

6. 7.

Navigate to the confirmation email In this email, click Confirm Email Address


8. Specify and re-enter a password and click Change Password

9. Click Login to be directed to the PROKON login page 10. Enter the login credentials 11. Read and accept the following:  EULA  Privacy Policy  Share with Developers 12. Provide personal details


13. Choose communication preferences

A CCOUNT A DMINISTRATOR 1. Log in to Lima 2. In the navigation bar, click on Account Administrator > Accounts to display a list of accounts that the Administrator has access to


3. Select the account that hosts the licenses to be managed

4. 5. 6.

Select the license that contains the seats Assign license managers as required

Return to the Dashboard

L ICENSE M ANAGER 1. Log in to Lima 2. In the navigation bar, click on User > My Licenses to display a list of licenses the Manager has access to



Select the License to be managed


Select the License Set to add users to

5. Under License Set Users, click Add , and follow the on-screen prompts to add users

NOTE: This input form allows multi-user entry. 6. Repeat the above steps to add users to other sets as required


L ICENSE S ET U SER 1. Log in to Lima 2.

In the navigation pane, select My Licenses


View all assigned licenses


Select a license to view further details

5. View License Manager details, and assigned license sets NOTE: These licenses are only what have been made available to the user. They have not yet been selected for active use.


DOWNLOADS Installation media for all PROKON modules are available in the web interface.

The PROKON Setup package, and TeamViewer ® for remote assistance installation media are available to all users. Individual module installation media are available for those products which a user is licensed for.

Unlicensed modules are not available for download.


H OW TO D OWNLOAD I NSTALLATION M EDIA 1. Log in to Lima 2. In the navigation bar, click on My Downloads to display a list of licensed modules available for download 3. Locate the installation media for the relevant module NOTE: Use the Categories for faster navigation. 4. Check the release date and version history for the module 5. Click Download to save the installation media

NOTE: The installation media will be downloaded as per browser settings.


LICENSE SESSIONS License set sessions are started via License Manager. All seats assigned to a user are listed, regardless of their parent account, license set, license type or license usage. There are three methods for starting a license session:  Online  Offline  Email Activation O NLINE L ICENSE S ESSION The preferred method of starting a license session is Online. The following guidelines are applicable for online license sessions:  Online sessions are active for a period of 30 days  License Manager automatically renews the session, updating the expiry date daily  Sessions will auto-refresh until the user manually releases the session, or the subscription expires  Users can work offline for 30 days from the date of the last session auto-refresh  Sessions will auto-refresh when the user is online again Initializing an online session 1. Launch PROKON NOTE: License Manager launches automatically and establishes a connection with the License Server. 2. If prompted, sign-in to License Manager

NOTE: If the user does not know or remember their password, click on Forgot Password? and follow the on-screen prompts.


3. On Accounts tab, confirm User Profile and Session information

4. On Licenses tab, select a License Number to view available sets 5. On License Sets tab > License Set selection , select the license set seats to be consumed in the current session NOTE: License sets can be consumed from multiple license numbers, if all the licenses are of type Commercial. If license usage types differ, license sets can only be selected from one license. 6. Click Apply to initialize the license session

7. Confirm in the Status bar or the Account tab that the session is active NOTE: A session must be ended if a user wants to utilize a license of a different usage type e.g., commercial to trial license. 8. Click Ok to close License Manager


Releasing a session A license must be released before other users can make use of the software, if the same license has been assigned to multiple users. This can be done in several ways: 1. License Manager > Account tab > Profile , click Sign out 2. License Manager > Account tab > Session , click Release Session 3. License Manager > Licenses tab, deselect all License Sets, click Apply

NOTE: Released licenses will be available for other users assigned to the set

V IEWING L ICENSE U SAGE The Online Usage feature redirects a user to Lima, where active license session details can be viewed. Users can request colleagues to release sessions as needed after checking online usage.

NOTE: If this button is not available, perform a Live Update or contact .


The user will be redirected to the License Information page. Select each set listed, to view the active users.

O FFLINE L ICENSE S ESSION An alternative method of activation is available if a user’s computer will not have an active internet connection. The following guidelines are applicable for offline license sessions:  Offline sessions are valid for 30 days from when the session file is generated, subject to subscription expiry  If an extension is required, a new session file must be generated  License session files must be generated on computers with internet access and transferred to offline computers


Requesting a license session file via the web interface 1. Launch License Manager on the computer where PROKON must be activated NOTE: It is not necessary to be signed in to request an offline session. 2. On Accounts tab, under Session, click Advanced

3. In the Advanced Session dialogue, click Create request file and choose a save location

4. Copy the request file to a computer with internet access 5. Log in to Lima NOTE: This must be the License set user requesting the offline session. 6. In the navigation bar, select New License Session 7. Upload the request file


8. Select license sets, bundles, and/or modules to be licensed


Download the License file

10. Copy the session file to the offline computer 11. In License Manager > Accounts tab, under Session, click Advanced 12. In the Advanced Session dialogue, click Import session file and browse to the session file location 13. The offline session is initialized, and the software is activated for the next 30 days


E MAIL L ICENSE S ESSION Offline activation can also be completed by using the Email Activation method of obtaining a session file. Requesting a license session file via email 1. Send a blank email to, with the subject line New Session 2. An automated email response will be received. 3. Launch License Manager 4. Follow the steps for obtaining a Request File, as described in the previous chapter 5. Reply to the response email with the following:  Attach the request file  Edit the License Set information as required


A Session file will be received via email

7. In License Manager, import the Session File as described in the previous chapter





PROKON web interface for managing and assigning licenses and license set seats Download relevant software Visual overview of current user’s access (Accounts administered, Licenses managed, License sets is use etc.)

 


PROKON License Manager

PROKON License Manager component Launches from Calcpad

         


Parent Company


Office, branch, or division Manages account licenses Assigns License Managers Can manage multiple accounts under different organizations Manages license set access Assigns seats to end users Can manage multiple licenses Contains modules, bundles, or a combination of both Uses PROKON Software for design and analysis

Account Administrator

License Manager

License set


     

Consumes license set seats Usage rights per license set Assigned to individual users

License set seat


Active license period on a relevant computer

Can be online or offline

Valid for a maximum of 30 days, subject to license expiry date




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