D12 Watermark - Product Spec Sheet


Summary Assign unremovable watermarks to Revit® content to help protect your intellectual property. The Watermark tool may be used at any time to audit Revit content and verify ownership.

What makes this module special?

 Protect intellectual property  Verify ownership

Detailed Description This add-in allows you to attach a watermark to project / family elements. Watermark data includes a logo, company name, website, date, and password.

The add-in could also be used to audit existing Watermark data (if available) in the current project/family.

A matching password is required to overwrite existing element Watermark data – this prevents the removal of existing Watermarks without authorisation. Passwords may have any characters but should not exceed 30 characters in length.

A valid license is required to specify your own Watermark data. Without a license, the Watermark data is locked.

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